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New Foley Pack Out Now

Our new Foley Kit is out now. This kit includes 20 one-shots and 7 drum loops in 16-bit/44.1k (compatible with all DAW’s, e.g., Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Reason, Maschine, Logic, Reaper, FL Studio…)

The art of unique percussion and layering takes a regular drum pattern into that realm of extraordinary heat. This Stimulus Package: Foley Sounds features field recorded percussion sourced from the Bag Season Records library, a collection of sounds made from instruments and objects found in and near our studio.

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This kit will complement any style and will take your percussion game to the next level.

Meticulously crafted, no digital-clipping, over compression, unintentional distortion etc...

It’s Bag Season Baby!

Check out a demo of the sounds here: